Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Since when is 12 the magic number?

I heard on the radio the other week that the average North American woman has 12 relationships before she gets married.


Seven down, five to go. I'm more than halfway there now. Score for me.

*rolls eyes*

I'm hoping this definition of relationship includes these little blips of 'relationships' that I tend to find myself involved in. You know, the ones that last only a couple months, where you're not sure if the guy is your boyfriend or not.

Otherwise I'm two down, and ten to go. Man, I'll be like 70 by the time I get married. Can't wait. I think I'll just marry myself. Send out little cards saying I'm registered at shoe stores and makeup counters, and buy myself a nice dress. Throw a party for me and me. It will be a good time. You should come.

*with sarcasm dripping from my fingertips, I hit the 'publish post' button...*

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