Sunday, February 10, 2008

Admit it

Yes. I know it's true.

I am a crummy blogger in 2008. Believe you me, it breaks my heart too.

Either one of two things has happened here:

1. I have lost my interest in my blog

2. I have poor time management skills

I elect number 2.

Though there is also the factor of 2.3: Not very much blog-worthiness living has been going on. Or at least funny things anyways.

Not to say that I suck lately or anything, but....... Just kidding....(maybe).

So I have a few highlights. Some funny, some not.

  • My boss is a charming fellow, one who has his funny moments, but he mostly wears his serious pants at the office. We recently returned from a business trip down south where I got to experience his outside of the office personality. At the airport, we had to take a shuttle from where we returned the rental car to the main terminal. As I sat beside him, not paying attention to him reading his paper, but rather staring out the window at the greenery, suddenly the lady standing in the aisle infront of us, apologizes in an embarassed voice to him. Seems when the bus turned, she went to grab the rail, but grabbed his knee instead. With that charming glint in his eye (one comparible with the devil) he flashes a cool grin in her direction and says "Oh, carry on" and winks. The lady and her two companions giggle at him and smile while I laugh and sigh with that "You're so encouragable" smirk on my own face.
  • My dearest little niece, Olivia, had entered into her terrible two's. Smart little cookie that she is, when she causes a fuss, yelling for Daddy, and does not get the response she is wanting, she resorts to calling him by his first name. Hehehehe....this is very funny to me. Not so funny to my brother.
  • And last, but not least, is an update on the progress of my business :) M&L Ideas has been selected as a feature workshop presenter for the Mississauga Independent Film Festival this summer!!! Woo woo!!!! How sweet is that!?!?!?! So my mom and I are busy beavers writing our material with a new angle on it. If you want details on that, check out my site, and look on the sidebar for the link to events of where you can find us. Pretty damn cool I tell you.

I hope this little update has been as good for you as it was for me. Oh bloggerland, I miss you. Blogspot sites in general has recently been blocked by our firewall at work so I can't even read blogs (seriously, you have no idea how much that pains me).

Regardless. I should not make excuses. Blogging is back on the priority list.

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