Sunday, February 17, 2008

All the things you said, running through my head

I sit here this Sunday evening, sipping my wine, watching Sex & the City, and can't stop thinking about my 28th birthday. Turning 28 does not seem to have the same stigma attached as turning 27. Which is a sigh of relief, I must say.

Though the nearing 28 does inspire me to behave like a grown up. When I think back to when I was a child, and what I thought of my parents' acquaintances who were in their late 20's... I would not peg them to be the teenager-struggling-in-this-adult-body like me. I could not imagine them giggling with their friends while watching old reruns on tv, or of making childish perverse jokes, and discussing the finer points of drinking.

But that is exactly it. I still feel like a teenager. I still feel like I want to run with reckless abandon. But then I hear the 28 year old voice in my head who says things like "Melissa....that's not a wise idea. Stay on the sidewalk where it's safe." She also says " don't need another drink..."

It's a tough struggle, I tell you. I'm sure I'm not the only one who faces these situations. Infact, I'm pretty sure most of my friends do. But it's not like we actually sit around and say "Hey, you'll never guess what the voice in my head stopped me from doing the other day!" No one wants to admit to voices in their heads, after all.

I digress. Wine, Sex & the City, and Melissa. The antics and trials of those 4 women puts a little something in my soul -- a little something that tells me I'm not alone. Fiction eases my mind.

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