Friday, March 2, 2007

Impending Doom

It's coming any day now. Actually, it's coming in 23 days. My 27th birthday. Yikes. It is like this dark cloud that is rolling in, and instead of being full of rain, it's full of TOO MANY BIRTHDAY CANDLES!!!! A blazing glory...oh wait, not glory....a blazing inferno that reminds me I should stop behaving like I'm 20.

Really, who worries about being 27? Turning 30 and freaking out, I can understand. But 27? Just weirdos like me, I guess (and as it turns out....some of my friends! Ah ha! So I am not alone in this panic-stricken moment!!). My brother is turning 29 tomorrow--he says today is his last day of being young! Lol!! So is he freaking out too, or just trying to be funny....? Damn these days that pass too fast.

Back to 27. Focus on me. Screw my brother and his moment of EEK! You know that age you had when you were a kid of when you thought your life would be all in order...well 27 was my age. Actually, I lie. First it was 25. But when I was 21 I upped it to 27 in an attempt to be realistic. And now 27 is staring me down like a giant bull elephant who is contemplating picking me up with his trunk and throwing me into the crocodile infested watering hole. (Do you love the image of that? Just think about the little birds that hang out on the butts of the hippos who are also floating in the water....oh wait, do hippos and crocodiles hang out together? Would the crocs not eat the hippos? Where is Steve Irwin when I need him??? Oh right, in heaven, where I will be when the crocs get me...).

Reality. I need to focus on reality. There are plenty of folks who have turned 27 and did not spontaneously combust or get eaten alive by crocodiles. (In fact, I think it would be safe to say, almost everyone who has turned 27 has not faced these problems). Plenty of folks who are 27 are not married, work in jobs they hate, make enough money to get by and not much else, and drink excessive amounts of beer. So really, I should stop freaking out and realize that life is what I make it, and just because I don't have the things I thought I would have by's not the end of the world.

Nah...I like the drama and I really do like the complain. It keeps things exciting. So....27--impending doom--I'm putting out flyers on this.


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Stargazer said...

dude I totally hear you about 27. My mum had me at that age so I sort of thought that somethings in my life would be sorted by this age, it scares me that I am just the same now as I was when I was 21...maybe a tiny bit wiser but still owe the goverment for my overpriced education and still just as unsure about everything else in my life