Friday, March 2, 2007

Who knew....

Hmmm.....just set this up. First thing first, I would like to compose the customer service letter I can not send to a customer:

Dear client;

Please accept our sincere apologies that you are a tool and did not supply our company with your new phone number to appear in your advertisement in time. Previous conversations with you have indicated that you were aware of the number change well in advance to the publication of your ad, and infact, received an advertising proof where you did not indicate this required change.

However, as I am a sucker, I would like to advise you that we are crediting your account 20% of your contract value.

If you feel this is not a fair assessment to your situation, go suck balls. Do not call me, as I will be busy sticking a pen in my eye.

Best regards,

Customer Service.

Hahaha!!!! That would be too funny. Ok, I feel better now and can write a nice letter to this customer and not call him a tool.

Well....I will do my best to write funny blogs. I feel like I am an internet genius now that my friend told me how to do this.

Later skater!

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