Friday, March 16, 2007

It really was Luck o' The Irish

Well, many of you will be overjoyed to know that I won the St Paddy's Day desk decorating contest at work. Yes, my office gets overenthusiastic about such holidays, and we host competitions. Often we have potluck too....and my jello was a big hit, incase you have been wondering.

I was left to my own devises for decorations this time around. All the dollar stores between work and home were out of St Paddy's decorations, even tried WalMart and Giant Tiger!! Nothing!!! So I put on my crazy thinking boots, and came up with the following:

One giant rainbow made from construction paper
One 'pot of gold' ~ really, it was a kitchen pot full of yellow tinsel and golden baby potatoes ('cause that is just too funny!)
One box of Lucky Charms (I couldn't resist)
One Irish flag
One Blarney Stone ~ otherwise known as a rock my roommate keeps in her room
One toy snake
One print out on the history of Saint Patrick
A bunch of pictures of clovers
A green sheet to put it all on

It looks pretty spectacular, if I must say so myself!! Those judges were not captivated or fooled by the glitz and glamour of the other coworkers desks who acutally found decorations at the store. Creativity beats them all!!! And there was an educational value too, as I informed the judges about St Patrick and why we celebrate him.

You know....I get told on a regular basis that I am one of a kind.

I don't know if that is always a good thing.....


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