Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's the Luck o' the Irish

With only four more days until St Paddy's day, I am already planning A) the dish I will bring to work on Friday for the St Patrick's day potluck B) the green outfit I will wear to work on Friday that is still work-worthy as our Board of Directors are coming to our office (eek) and C) the ridiculous outfit I will wear out on the real St Patty's day to the bar in Listowel (hee hee hee...see, I am behaving like I am 20, solid evidence right there).

My mom~being a Scottish lady and proud of it~says in disdain "I'm Scottish! Why would I celebrate St Patrick's day!?!?!?" and scowls when I say "But mom.....everyone is Irish on St Paddy's day!" She just doesn't get it. And she fails to remember that somewhere along the way, my Grandpa's heritage does have Irish in it. Not that this is my excuse to drink mass quanities of beer with green food colouring in it. After all, I am just one more person in the line who really has no idea what St Patrick's day is all about~I just want the green beer and to have a cute boy kiss me 'cause I'm Irish. (Oh, I think my great gran on my mom's side is spinning in her grave. As my grandma says to this day, she was spinning the day I was baptised Catholic....)

And now that I think about it, my nan on my dad's side was Irish. There we go.....I can officially be a proud member of the Irish folk. And my brother-in-law is Irish, so that must count for something too. Please line up the green beer.

I feel that in the next four days, I should read up on why the Irish (and so many other folk) celebrate St Patrick's day. Yup, this is how I'll kill some time between now and then.

And PS....I'm bringing in green and orange jello for potluck. After all....the theme is green.


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