Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Letter Number Two

Ok....here comes another customer service letter that I can not send out to a client (but I wish I could)

Dear Customer;

Please accept our apologies for not comiserating with you that you hired a pompous ass.

The contract for the advertisement that appears in the current directory may not have been signed by yourself, however, it was signed by an employee of yours who not only told our sales rep, but our sales manager as well, that he was indeed a signing authority of your company. Research into this matter has shown that your signature appears on the payment forms included with the contract, hence, your statement that you were not aware of this contract has now been proved as false.

In addition, your claim that the phone number is not directed to your business, but to your now-ex-employee's new business is total bullshit. Not only have I dailed this number and reached you, but so has our sales manager.

Your attempts to not have to pay for this contract are admiral. You certainly know how to put up a good argument. However, you should put this effort towards your ex-employee, not our company because we are giving you shit for this situation.

Have a very nice day. I know I will.

Customer Service

Ahhhh.....and now I will write the real letter and send it out.....it will be much nicer. I promise.


1 comment:

Jody said...

I have to admit that was a very Lovely letter and unfortunately, no you cant send it but I would love to see a customers stupid face when they did receive it.. also you should when you quit.. keep those address and send them a nasty letter just informing them there are more important things in life then being misrable and for them to have a shitty day just like they have probably done for many other people!!!

By the way, your the CooLesT!!!!