Thursday, March 29, 2007

A few of my favourite things

Besides raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, I have an immense love for fridge magnets and tea towels. When people visit exotic places (or just random other places) and they ask if I would like anything, my answer is always a tea towel or a magnet. Though sometimes I ask for candy because everyone loves candy.

Last night I went for tea with a friend of mine, who happened to give me my birthday present from herself and our friend Laura. They met up in Banff back in February and evidently bought my birthday present then. (Yippee!!) I am now the owner of the best tea towel ever made. It has a yellow screen over the whole thing with strategically placed coffee beans on it, and there is an image of a 1950's-esque lady holding a cup of coffee, with the statement: DRINK COFFEE! Do stupid things faster with more energy! I think you will all agree that is the best ever....

As for magnets, my favourite magnet comes from Thailand. My friend MJ went there a couple years ago, and lo and behold, could not find a magnet that said Thailand on it, or that had any specific symbol of Thailand. Guess the Thai people are not fridge magnet fans. She ended up getting me this ridiculous~but really cool~magnet of a plastic flower in a tiny ceramic pot. It's tacky and I love it.

My fridge is getting overloaded with magnets, and my tea towel drawer in the kitchen will barely close. But that won't stop me from collecting.

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