Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Wings and Beer

One of my favourite ways to spend time with friends is eating and drinking. In particular, I love going for wings and beer. Cold pints and hot wings always bring about funny conversations and loads of laughs.

Out of my love for wings, I have been on a hunt for the best wings in town~and when I say best, I mean who offers the best wing night deal for the biggest, juiciest wings. So far in this city, I have not come across anywhere that knocks my socks off. It's a bit depressing. I've been out for mediocre wings numerous times....I usually just end up hitting the pub I like best and cry about the mediocre wings when I get home (of course, this is after I've had several pints, so I would cry over anything....hahahah).

Funny enough, I've found great wing places outside of my city, in smaller surrounding towns. I think that is my hint that city life is not all it's cracked up to be. Not only do small towns offer the comfort of peace and quite, of safe and sound, of knowing not only your neighbours but the whole neighbourhood....but they offer the best wings ever.

Maybe I should change my life aspirations and open up a pub that has the best wings in the city. There is a take out wing place called Ring-a-Wing, and honest to goodness, they do have fabulous wings....but it's take out, and eating wings at home drinking bottled beer....just not the same. Maybe I can strike up a deal with them somehow.

Ahhh....nevermind, that's a bad idea. I'll just carry on with my quest for the best wings in the city. I'll drink as many pints as I need to in order to try as many places as I need to.

I'm that dedicated to wings.

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