Monday, April 16, 2007

Long Lost BF

Today my internet best friend is not at work. She is instead sunning herself in Florida. If you can imagine would be plastered across my face right now.

My internet best friend is likely the only person who reads my blog on a regular basis. I'm not cool enough to have blog fans~a single tear just emerged from my left eye. All day long we msn each other, sharing silly things like "the guy next to me just farted" (Ok, I lie. I say "I just farted, I have to vacate my cubby", and she giggles), and send each other links to funny news articles or other blogs we come across. Somehow we manage to get our work done too. I don't know how.

I call her my internet best friend, but I did not meet her on the internet. (She knows all this, she's likely the only one reading it, so why am I telling her things she knows??? I don't know...I just feel inspired.) Rather, we were best friends way back in the day of elementary and middle school. Then I moved away, then she moved away. She made a good effort at staying in touch with me (I'm a lazy ass), but after a while, we got busy and lost track of each other. Then one glorious day, when I was checking my email in Australia, I get this random email saying "Are you my old best friend?? I just found you on hotmail...I hope it's you...." It was glorious. For real, GLORIOUS. It's been over 4 years since that email, and really, it's only been in the last year or two that we've really reconnected.

Back to my point. My internet best friend is in Florida right now. I am in an office cubicle currently listening to The Chili Peppers on the radio. (Though I want to mention, I have not farted today...thank heavens). No one has read my last post and left me a comment. No one has msn'd me today. (Again, I lie. My roommate and my mom msn'd me today. Oh, and my old co-worker. But it's just not the same.)

Oh internet best friend. I miss you. Come back.

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