Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Customer Service Letter # 3

Dear Customer,

Our Accounts Receivable Department has yet again requested that our Customer Service Department review your file. Your continual changing claim that your ad is wrong has not once proven to be true. Yet here I am again, reviewing your file, after having listened to you tell another fabrication about your ad.

We can sympathise for you that you must be schizophrenic, according to the different way you speak to each of our employees. It is regrettable you can't get your medication under control.

You're most recent claim has yet again proven to be false. There are specific changes requested to your ad which were followed to a T. These other changes you speak of are not written on any ad proof. I noticed how you changed your statement immediately when I offered to fax over the copy of the proof that you only verbally requested this change and it was the fault of the sales rep for not writing it down. It must be difficult to accept that you have been caught in a lie.

As such, our Customer Service Department does not offer any sort of monetary adjustments for clients who are blatant liars, even if it is due to a medical condition. This detail should be written into our Contract Terms and Conditions.

I will happily hand your account back to our Collections Department. They will follow up for payment. I hope to never have to speak with you again.

I also hope the men in white jackets come for you soon. Until then, have a nice day.

Sincerely yours,
Customer Service.

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