Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Never Ending Wishes

Here I was complaining about my birthday. Which, for the record, is the first time I've ever complained about a birthday. And now I feel like a jerk. What was I thinking???

As life goes on, and people get busy, we all lose track of whose birthday is when, and mail cards out late. The plus side to all of this, is that it makes your birthday go on forever!! You get mail for a good two weeks from those forgetful friends, and that makes it a great two weeks! Who doesn't love mail that isn't bills???

So now I love my 27th birthday because the joy of well wishes has been extended well past the date. I just got a card from Australia mailed to me at work! That made my day, because the only mail I get at work are the comments pages from our directories on which people write that our directories suck.

I take back my comments that 27 will be dreadful. How could it be dreadful when it has started out so full of joy? I am now looking forward to a year of good times.

Thanks friends, for being forgetful and mailing late!! You have made me one happy camper!

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