Monday, April 9, 2007

Bitter Bus

I saw an advertisement in the paper last week looking for a bus driver for the bitter bus. I thought it would be a great idea to apply for this position, and now I am driving it, full force ahead.

For clear solid reasons, along with mysterious reasons beyond me, I have been in a piss lately. Things just keep seem to be adding up to make me feel miserable. Now, not to say that I am "just a girl" with typical, cyclical bad moods, but I am starting to wonder about this. I've never been a sufferer of PMS....but as of late....things change. Damn things.

These are things that are putting a bee in my bonnet.....

1. The situation with my brother is still pissing me off. What kind of jerk beats people up and puts them in the hospital? is about love, not war.

2. My dog was put down last week because she had cancer. My poor puppy. While it is true that now she is in a better place and not suffering anymore, I am still sad because she is my dog.

3. I hate my job. No further explanation needed.

3a. Ok, more explanation. Most people hate their jobs, so really, this should not be such an issue, it's just part of life. But it pisses me off even more that try as I may to get a new job, no one wants to hire me. I must really suck at interviews.

4. The guy I am head over heels about is~so I feel~jerking me around. That pisses me off because he is generally a strait up guy, which is one of the things I like so much about him. He just can't decide what he wants. It's not like I'm asking him to have babies with me. Just to be my boyfriend.

5. Number four leads to number five. In my drunken state on the weekend (see last blog) I sent an email to the guy noted in number four. I was not as tactful as I am when sober, and perhaps said something to weird him out, and he has not spoken to me since I sent it. Though it has only been two days since I sent it, and it's not like we talk everyday anyways. So I should not freak out too much about that.

6. Back to I hate my job. I sit in the friggin' hallway in a random cubicle. Does anyone else sit in the hallway? No. Just me. And we have a temperature issue in the building that makes all the offices hot and the hallway freezes. So I sit here all bundled up and complain it's too cold, while everyone else is sweating, meaning that the majority wins, and they won't turn up the thermostat. Jerks. Additionally, there is a free office where I could move into, but they won't let me because apparently we are getting an HR generalist who will move in there. But they have been saying that since November. It's now April. They just like to give me the shaft.

7. My mother is forgetful. Even though I just saw her the other weekend and gushed to her about the boy and showed her pics from when he came to visit me, she has forgotten about him. And a friend of hers has a crush on me (he's about 5 years or so older than me...not some old man...hehehehe) who has asked me out in the past, and I have politely told him I was flattered, however, I was seeing someone. Well he has to come to town this week for an appointment and asked me out for dinner. I was like, wtf.....why is he asking me on a date?? It's because he asked my mother if I was still seeing that guy, and she said NO!!!!!!!! What the hell, mom??? I've told her before I have no interest in this guy! The answer is always YES, she is dating someone. Make up a name if you have to, mom!!! So I turned him down for dinner, and made up a lie that I was busy later in the evening, so now we are going for a coffee. And I have tried to deter him from that, but he's not curbing his effort. Son of a bitch.

7a. And I feel like a jerk for be pissed off that someone likes me.

7b. And I feel pissed off that this guy likes me and is asking me for a date when fuckhead boy I really like can't make up his mind what he wants. I feel like telling him he's not my only option, but then I would feel like a bitch. Besides which, I don't want anyone else, just him.

8. I'm still annoyed that I ate Easter dinner at a pub.

9. My friend's mom was in a car accident last week, and the driver of the other vehicle did not survive the crash. She might be charged with some crazy car accident crime. While this does not effect me directly, I am very upset for my friend and her family.

10. And finally, people in general are annoying.

I could go on, but I should stop here, as I am making myself more mad as I write this.

I feel I need to find something to make myself feel better, but I have no idea what I should do. How about I waste the rest of my workday working on solutions.

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Stargazer said...

hummheemm (just me clearing my throat)

The sun will come out...tomorrow
bet yer bottom dollar that tomorrow...

I was going to call you and sing this but I thought it better not to make your day any worse ;)