Friday, April 20, 2007

Questions, Answers~you know the drill

I cleaned off my desk and did not locate my will to work.

Oh well.

So now I'm playing in the question game.....My friend has a q & a entry on her blog. This is what she did....she was on someone else's blog, who had q's and a's. This blogger said if you want q's and a's, to leave a comment with your email address (unless she already had it) and that she would email you 5 random q's. You take those q's and and post them on your blog with your answers. And then if someone reads your blog and likes it....they leave a comment with their email, and you send them 5 questions. Does that make sense???

Here goes. My internet best friend stargazer has just sent me these questions:

1. What superpower would you most like to possess?

Hmmm....interesting. I've never been a superpower/superhero follower. But I guess I would like to be able to transport myself from one spot to another. Like Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie. Just blink my eyes, and I can be anywhere in the world that I want. Ahhh....think of the savings on airfare. And think of the time saved. That would be pretty cool. Perhaps not as glamourous and adventurous as some, but just as useful.

2. Is there a fictional character you would choose to be? Why?

Does Barbie count??? Haha, just kidding. Let me think. I know I would not like to be Napoleon Dynamite...hehehehe. I would like to be........why is this so hard??? Let me go to the next question and come back to this.

Well, I answered all the questions. So now I have to think some more. I should probably pick someone literary and look smart. But I won't. I want to be Baby from Dirty Dancing. 'Cause nobody puts Baby in the corner! And 'cause who doesn't want a scandalous summer romance, and then ship off to the Peace Corp?

3. You just found a time machine and there is enough battery to take you to one place in history--where would you go? (and why)

I would like to go back in history just to see things, not to change things. Yes, some really shitty things have happened, but it all happens for a reason, right? Although maybe I would like to make a few changes on some airplanes. But rather.....Ancient Egypt, go and chill with Cleopatra. Those Egyptians were smart buggers, I'd love to see them in action. :)

4. What is your biggest fear?

My biggest silly fear is that when I go swimming in lakes that fishies will eat my toes. But I guess my biggest normal fear is that I will never find someone to spend the rest of my life with, that no one will love me. Sniff sniff....that's sad.

5. And to copy my question from Stefanie-what are you better at than most people?

Huh. I would have to say that I am better than most people at writing clearly with my feet. That is right. My feet. I can legibly write out anything with my feet. Pen between my toes and away I go. Crazy I know. My brother and I used to have competitions on this. I always won.

Well, that was a good way to spend some time. Excellent idea, internet best friend!

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Stargazer said...

ok that's super cool about the feet thing I had no did I not know that?! What a cool talent ;)