Friday, April 13, 2007

The Curse of Women

Some people might think that "The Curse" that the female population experiences has something to do with a biological clock.

I would like to argue this point, and say NO, the curse is not a monthly situation. The monthly situation is merely a fact of life. Instead, the curse that many of us face is an overwhelming experience of emotions. ALL THE TIME. And these emotions can range from the negative to the positive, in all aspects of life.

Case in point:

Prior Blog about the bitter bus. Did I really need to get so worked up about those things that I was a miserable lout for days? No I did not. I just let my emotions get carried away.

Case in point:

Boys. Girls sometimes do things they think are silly and excessive, and then fear that they have ruined any further chance of a relationship with a particular guy. Such as the drunken email I sent out last weekend. Here I thought that I might have weirded Jon out too much that he was going to never speak to me again. And when I didn't hear from him for a few day, I panicked and thought DAMN!! But really, he was just busy. When we did talk on Wednesday, all was cool, all was fine, all was flirty. (Thank heavens.)

Case in point:

I just said thank heavens.

Now I am full of glee again about Jon. Just cause we talked and flirted. You would think he asked me to move in with him I am so happy.

Case in point:

Serious weirdness going on at work right now. I am jumping to the conclusion that we are all getting laid off. I am analyzing every little thing that the managers are doing as evidence that I am right, and freaking out. (As are some of my co-workers). One of our Accounts Recievable Collectors got let go this morning. Now I am in a tumbling spiral in the thought that we are all next. Not looking at the proper facts of the workload has gone down for our collectors on a regular basis so there is no longer need for two.

I think you see my point, and will clearly agree with me.

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