Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dating Tips for the Undateable

I would like to take a moment and hand out dating tips. Not that I am a dating expert or anything of the sort. But I'm a person with common sense. And common sense goes a long way.

Tip # 1. If you ask someone out on a date, and they make suggestions that you could do it another time, take the hint they don't want to go.

Tip # 2. Just because someone agrees to meet you for coffee (after turning down your invitation to dinner), do not assume they like you in any way other than a platonic aquaintance. They might just be really nice and don't want to hurt your feelings by blatantly saying no.

Tip # 2a. If you are asking out the daughter of a friend of yours, assume that they are only agreeing to meet you because you are a friend of her mother.

Tip # 3. Should you be in coversation with them about their future plans, and your date mentions that they are moving to another city, not back to their hometown where you live, do not express anger. It is creepy. Do not ask in an incredulous voice "Why would you move there!?! I don't like living in the city!" It makes your date feel like you are assuming they would want to move back to their hometown and move in with you. Trust me, your date does not want to do that.

Tip # 4. If you are on a date with someone, and their friend walks in and says "Hey, thought I'd stop by so that we can head over to Dayna's together", which is the reason why your date turned down dinner, due to plans already made for that evening, do not look at the said friend with an expression of annoyance and anger on your face. Again, this is creepy. Additionally, if a date's friend walked in on the date, it was staged. Take the hint your date does not like you.

Those are my tips. I know they are very specific tips, but I feel that you could take these tips and generalize them some to apply to your own life.

Good luck. Don't creep out your dates.

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Stargazer said...

Well you know that age old saying "you have to have lots of coffee with toads/frogs before you get to have coffee with a stellar boyfriend to be"