Friday, April 20, 2007

I mean I said I do!!!

My funny friend Simon, who lives in Australia, has just taken a whirlwind trip around Europe and stopped in Canada. Much to my disappointment, he went to BC, rather than Ontario. So during this time that he was closer to my time zone, we chatted a lot on msn. (Well, he wasted his spare time talking to me on msn on his cell phone...he didn't waste his trip time on a computer, no worries!)

He has not lost his funny nature since I saw him last in 2003. He has also not lost his incredibly flirty nature. While I was living in Australia, one could say we were more than just friends. And every time we chat, he likes to bring it up. Man...I am sooooooo irresistible! Hahaha!!!! Just kidding!

These past few days chatting to him on a regular basis has been very nice, and very funny. He's a pretty cool guy. The gist of every conversation generally starts out rather "what is new with you" and evolves to him reminiscing of the first time we met~he came into our backyard, I was in the pool in my bikini. But it's always pretty funny for me to read what he says, and a bit of an ego booster :)

But back to this time around. He was joking around about moving to the outback and having a veggie patch and a cow and singing songs on the front porch--all he needs is a wife to sing along with him....

Me: Well Simon, I'll find you a wife and ship her over then.

Simon: Sounds good...

Me: You might have to pay for her flight though.

Simon: It would be worth it!!

Me: If that is the case, I'll call my travel agent and book myself a flight for next week :)

Simon: Excellent!

Me: Actually, let's revise this plan. We should do it the right way. You send me a ring in the mail, I'll start composing my acceptance letter now, and Fed-Ex it back to you asap!!

Simon: Hahaha....sounds like a deal. You'll be worth every penny. So is this like a mail order bride situation?

Me: I suppose. But don't tell your mom that. She might think less of me.

Simon: Can you put on a Russian accent?

Me: Uhhhhh....not very well, but my Latino accent is quite glorious.

Simon: Fabulous. A latin lover.

Melissa: Yup. Now, I just want you to know, I don't need a big rock or anything, but you can't cheap out on the gold.

Simon: I'll keep that in mind.

Melissa: When are you flying out? How much time do you have left?

Simon: I leave at 6pm. I have like 7 hours. Why?

Melissa: 7 hours is plenty of time to get me a ring. Go to the jewellery store now so we can get this done sooner!!!

Simon: Hahaha!! You are hilarious!!

Melissa: No. I'm serious. I'll say I do!! What part of this don't you understand??

Simon: Do you still have that blue bikini??

Melissa: I'm not kidding if you are not kidding.

Simon: you still have that blue bikini?????????? marriage proposals. Even if I coerced him into it, I think it still counts. He is in New Zealand today visiting his mum, and goes back to Brisbane tonight. Uhhh...actually, with the time difference, I think he might be on the plane home right now. His first stop better be at a jewellery store. Cause when I said I would say yes, I meant!! I'm not a girl to go back on her word. If all goes according to plan, I'll be Mrs. Melissa Mason in just a few short weeks. (Jon....I'll miss you. But first come, first serve!!)

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