Thursday, April 12, 2007

My friend, Stevie the TV

Being the single girl that I am, a single girl who loves to lounge around her apartment during the week rather than be sociable, I watch a lot of tv.

But it's not that I watch a million shows or anything. All these new shows....I haven't given them a chance at all. Instead, I watch reruns of CSI and CSI Miami everday. (Hello.....and the Simpsons and Friends. Who doesn't watch those??) With the exception of Grey's Anatomy on Thursdays, and of course the new episodes of CSI, my viewing isn't very extensive. I can't even be bothered to watch the new episodes of Miami--I'll just catch them on rerun somewhere down the line. On Friday's, I'm embarrassed to say, I watch this show called McLeod's Daughters--it's an Australian family drama, set on a farm.....and I love it to peices. It makes me want to be a farmer.

I dont' know what happened, I don't know what caused me to stop watching other TV shows. The year that Sex & The City and Friends ended, was a sad year for me. My two favourite shows~gone in an instant. I moved on to Desperate Housewives and The OC. We all know how ridiculous The OC was; the unbelievable and insane storyline, that thank heavens, came to a bizarre end this past February. I celebrated the day it came to it's series finale--I was hooked on that show; no matter how crazy it was, I was addicted--it's ending was a release for me!!! And the Housewives....I just plain ol' lost interest. I did not ever bother to start watching Lost, which I hear is a phenomenal show. Too bad for me.

The most bizarre thing about my TV habits....if I am going to be busy on a Thursday or Friday night, I will set my VCR to record Grey's Anatomy and McLeod's Daughters. I have a panic attack if I realise I didn't set the VCR and end up missing an episode. Grey's....I feel somewhat confident I will one day catch it on rerun, or that my friends will give me the goss on what happened. But I don't know anyone else who watches McLeod's Daughters, so if I miss it....I feel screwed.

The last time my boy came to visit (the one I lovingly referred to as a fuckhead....he's not a fuckhead today), he razzed me for having a VCR still. And my defence to him was I needed it to tape Grey's and McLeod's. He just laughed at me.

You know who doesn't laugh at me? My friend, Stevie the TV. Instead, Stevie is there for me, offering me endless hours of comfort and joy. Stevie knows how to treat a lady right.

I love Stevie the TV, and hope that he never leaves me.

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