Friday, April 27, 2007

That Whole Six Degrees Thing

How bizarre is this? It always amazes me when this actally happens.

One of my new favourite artists, Sandi Thom, seen in this lovely pic, and whom I have quoted to the right, is a budding Scottish musician. She did a quick tour of Canada last year, and I was sorely dissapointed in myself for not going to see her in Toronto. If you haven't heard her stuff, you should give her a try!

Right...back to what amazes me. So I love Sandi Thom. She is currently touring Europe right now, with a date in Paris next month, with none other than my friend Sophie's friend Basha!!! How cool is that?? I've been to a gig or two with Soph to see Basha play, and she too is an absolutely amazing singer and musician. When Sophie told me they were playing together, I was more excited over the fact Basha was meeting Sandi, than the fact that Basha is actually kicking off her musical career and touring Europe! Hahah! I was all "Holy crap! That is so cool! Tell Basha to tell Sandi I love her music and I think she's the coolest ever!!" Not tell Basha "Yippee for you and your own budding career!"

I like to think that Basha and Sandi will become life long friends, and then Sandi will come and visit Canada and hang out here, and Sophie will invite me to hang out with them....ahhh....It will be the coolest night of my life.

Perhaps by then I'll get my excitement under control and be a normal, cool person for her to meet, and she will want to be my best friend. I mean, I don't know her, but I'm sure she's a cool chic worthy of my admiration and destined-to-be friendship.

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Stargazer said...

I miss you already!