Monday, April 23, 2007

I'm just like Jessie!!!

I couldn't resist. I was perusing Melanie Faith's blog, and she had a post about Saved By The Bell. A random trip down memory lane. My brother and sister and I were all avid fans of the show. I remember my friend Jen coming over after school to watch it with me, and we would sit so close to the TV, I am sure it will be the main contributor to my failing eyesight in my old age.

She managed to find this site where you can take a quiz to see which character you are most like. Turns out I am the Jessie Spano of the group. Hehehe....which is quite ironic as one of my most favourite and commonly used quotes is "There is never enough time!!!" which she frantically yells out when Zack has found out she is taking caffine pills.

Which "Saved By The Bell" Character Are You?

While I make a mental list of why I would want to be like Jessie vs not like Jessie, I also wonder, would I rather be Kelly or Lisa?? I think the answer is no. Jessie had some serious values and morals that I can appreciate. Not to suggest less of Kelly or Lisa ~ both good characters. But Jessie.....she's all about doing right and fighting for the cause. Even if the cause is ankle length cheerleading skirts.

So go ahead and take the quiz. See which of the fabulous 6 characters you are like!!

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