Thursday, March 15, 2007

I don't know you, but I like you anyway

Yesterday I was chatting with my friend Julia (she's the fab friend who introduced me to blogging) and she passed on some sites of other bloggers. And I must say, there are some pretty hilarious people out there!!!!! I was secretly dying of laughter in my cubicle reading the ironic events of lives of people I just don't know.

But now...I feel I know them a little. I can relate to the girl who hates the guy who sits beside her at work (though I suspect he moved away...lucky her); I can also relate to the girl who gave her cat a shoe box, and who found her "personal crazy" one day on the subway. Always nice to know you are not alone in the world when it comes to things like this.

Other than Julia and the receptionist at work, Jody, I haven't really passed out my blog site for my friends to read. I think I want some time to build up my blogging skills before I expose my antics and anecdotes to those I know (but feel free, strangers, to read away....after all, what is the point of blogging if no one is going to read it? I can only hope that you will come across it and enjoy it so much like I did with the ones I read yesterday, and that something in here is funny to you...)

So, I guess I will carry on reading about the random lives of other people, and giggle to myself at work in hopes that no one is watching me. After have to find some way to amuse yourself at work. Taking calls from whiners just doesn't cut it for me.....hahaha!

Back to pretending to do work.....bye!

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