Monday, July 28, 2008

Plenty of....ummm....eek.

These online dating sites seem to have taught me a few things.

1. Guys really don't get my sense of humour. Rather, they misunderstand my sarcasm and take offence and do not speak with me further. I say suck it up buttercup!!! I was kidding! Sheesh....and yet they crack jokes and expect it should not be an issue for me. Which it's not. I like jokes. The giving and the getting. What babies. (hahah!)

2. Those black men sure don't hold back on the compliments! Woo woo, talk about boosting your self esteem when you get a flood of messages from fine black men telling you that you are beautiful! Made me blush a little, tee hee....

3. That online dating is not for me. I actually agreed to meet one guy, who was nice and all, but he just wasn't for me. We had a drink, some conversation, and parted ways, no hard feelings. I'm quite sure he had similar feeling towards me. I'm not sure what got into me that day when I agreed to meet him, but I'm glad that I did. I felt good about stepping outside of my little box and doing something I usually would not do. As for meeting people otherwise, or even giving them my msn and really, telling them anything very personal, flags go flying about in my brain, STRANGER DANGER!!!!!! I guess it turns out that I am not interested in meeting perfect strangers after a brief encounter online. Carrying on conversations with guys for an extended period seems to bore guys, however, I am not game to meet up after chatting once or twice. I guess I have more patience. Or more caution, anyways, lol!! I'm not sure.

I think I'll try my luck elsewhere....yikes!

Oh right. And number 4. I have also learned that there are quite a few men in their 40's who think I should date them. I thank you, sir. Have a nice day.

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