Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Mundane Array

Today I seem to be out of steam, but I still feel like blogging. Perhaps bullet points is best today.

  • Have not heard yet from the interview I had on Monday. The half hour before the interview was quite a fiasco, and it totally threw me off my game. I went to the location where I was instructed to go by the recruitment agency, only to get there and be told I had to go somewhere else. When I got to somewhere else, I realised I was not told what floor and suite number to go to. I scrambled to find a pay phone (call me old school, I don't have a cell phone), and called up to the agency to find out what was going on. Turns out the company I was set to interview with made a mistake and contacted them early that morning to change things. I was interviewing with a company affiliated with the original. So A) I was flustered because I didn't know where I was going, B) I was flustered and annoyed that now I didn't know anything about the company I was interviewing with and C) I was just plain ol' annoyed at the miscommunication in the first place and now felt very unprepared. Not a good start to go into an interview with.

  • I found out that the cost of a pay phone has doubled to 50 cents since the last time I used one. Eek!!! I guess I can no longer say 'Here's a quarter, call someone who cares.' Not that I really ever say that or anything....

  • I have less than two days of work left. Yippee!!!!!! And I am trying my best to not get frustrated by the actions of my coworkers and managers. I am keeping in mind that I am out of here so soon, it's not worth it to get myself riled up over their silly actions. It's hard to do this, I tell you!

  • This Saturday my roommate and I are throwing a dress-up party since we are both leaving town. I think this will be the first time that I will have worn a dress to a bar when it hasn't been New Year's. Hehehe, I believe martini's are going to be in order!

  • What I can only suspect is due to reading Little White Liar's post yesterday about the fear of terrorism, I had a dream last night that sticks in my head today somewhat hauntingly. I was riding the train into the city, and a woman of middle eastern descent boarded the train. She was dressed in a western fashion, the only thing that made her stand out was her skin colour. Everyone eyed her up suspiciously, and she quietly made her way to a seat at the back, near the exit door to the next car. I was seated just a couple rows ahead of her. Individuals started coming up to her and saying slanderous things. I stood up and defended this woman, blocking people from reaching her. Pretty soon, it seemed like everyone on that train car was rallied up in front of me, and I was standing there holding onto the seats on each side of the aisle, barricading this mob. The few people in the seats behind me just sat there quietly, while this woman cried in fear. I kept yelling at the rush of people to leave her alone, it was not her fault. Eventually, the train came to a halt, and in the jolt, my grip on the seats released and the people pushed passed me. The woman saw this coming, and she struggled with the door to exit to the next car. She made it out in time before anyone reached her. This is when I woke up. I have not been remembering my dreams very vividly in this past year, but the details of this one won't seem to escape my memory.

  • And now there is definitely no more steam.

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