Friday, August 31, 2007

Over caffinated

I worked for a while in a cafe in the land down under, where I like to think I perfected making coffees. Lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites. Whatever you wanted, and I could make them pretty with designs on top, like this one...

It was here that I learned to not just like, but to appreciate coffee. I've always been a tea drinker, and found percolated coffee to be bitter and kind of gross (and I still do). Flat whites were my favourite. Upon returning home, my new found thirst for European style coffee was not quenched, as with the exception of Starbucks and Williams, cafe's serving these coffees were far and few between. Though they have been increasing in popularity.

So the point of my post today is not to tell you I was a fabulous barista, or that my love of coffee is less than 5 years old. Rather, it's to complain to a slight degree (SURPRISE!!!!). To ask for a flat white in Canada is like asking for a kangaroo. You just don't get one, as we technically don't serve them here. So I usually ask for a latte, with no foam. It's no big deal to not get the foam in there.

So here it is. My last day here, I decide to treat myself to a nice coffee and scone from The Little Red Roaster for breakfast. Delicious coffees and homemade baked good. Order my latte, forget to say no foam. And much to my disappointment, the lady making my coffee piled the foam in there. Hello!!! Did I ask for a cappuccino??? I sure didn't......Son of a b, I hate the frothy milk.

I know, I know, what the hell am I really complaining about, and why did I make it a post!? I'm just irked when barista's don't know the difference and make them all the same. Gah!!!

(Uhhh....better post to come later. Maybe.)

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