Thursday, August 9, 2007


In 26 hours from now, I will be sitting across from a Jenna trying to hide my sweaty palms and calm the ants in my pants.

Job interview number one. After months of resumes I've finally had a bite. While it is not my first choice, right now it is my only choice. I got a call from a recruitment company, and I am gladly going in for an interview. While I don't necessarily know what job/company I am precisely interviewing for, the positive side is that I am interviewing for several positions available. One stone, many birds.

I must admit, I hate interviews. When I get nervous, I get chatty and honest. You might not think that is a bad thing, but let me tell you, it is. I can't stop blabbering on and say a lot of stuff I probably should not. I most definitely should not be cracking jokes. While it's great to make the interviewer laugh, I should realise I am not trying to make this person my friend, I am tyring to make this person hire me.

Last night, I was talking to Simon online.

Simon: So are you ready for your interview?

Me: Not really, I'm going to prep tomorrow night. It's not like I can review the details of the company, since I don't know the company I am applying for.

Simon: Makes sense.

Me: Maybe when I am at work tomorrow I'll write shit out. Be productive, you know...

Simon: Hey I know....wear the blue bikini to your interview.

Me: Simon.........

Simon: What??? It will work! I promise!!!

Me: It's not that kind of job interview.

Simon: I know. But I really like your blue bikini.

Somehow, I don't think this will help me. But nice attempt at helping me out. Rather, I've spent sometime this morning on reading tips etc for interviews, and writing out what I need to expand on this evening. But thanks, Simon, thanks.


Camiseta Personalizada said...
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LiveLee said...

no, you wear the blue bikini if you don't get the's hoping that you won't, but if you totally wig at the interview and end up with no edit button on your mouth and you totally know they thought you were a freak, you go back the next day in the blue bikini for what you say you "thought was your second interview". They'll be telling your story for many years to come... ;)

LiveLee said...

also meant to say Good Luck!

Adrian said...

Funny I do the same thing when I interview people for jobs. I get it all turned around and think that I am trying to convince them to want the job. I feel like a total goof when they leave. Good luck with the interview!