Monday, October 8, 2007

Dearest Roommate

On this Thanksgiving Monday, I left my grandparents house mid-afternoon with the intent of seeing to some housekeeping issues in my apartment. Such as hanging up some pictures in my bedroom.

My grandfather--the handiest of the handymen--had recently provided me with some good screw anchors for hanging up pictures. You know the kind, plastic things that butterfly out behind the drywall. He also gave me a drill bit, that would make the perfect size hole to put these anchors in. Fabulously easy.

I started to turn the bit. By hand, mind you, since grandpa didn't give me the actual drill. But still, hammer it in a bit, throw in a bit of muscle, and I'm turning that bit round and round, making progress with my hole. Round and round I'm turning, and I think sheesh, when am I going to get to the gap between my wall and Jen's wall?? Ahhh...finally the drill bit eases and I think I've found it. I raise a little on my toes to get a look in the hole and what do I see?? Light. I see light.

I put a hole in the wall clear through to Jen's bedroom!! Opps.

Quickly finding my way into her room, I see that a small crack has formed in the paint, and an actual chuck of paint has fallen off. Hmmm....some of the mud has sprinkled out across the bedspread. What to do, what to do.

Stroke of genius!!!

I rummage through my craft box for my white glue. Grab a tissue from the bathroom. Douse the tissue in glue and stick in in the gaping whole in Jen's wall. Success!!! Now to find the large piece of paint on the floor. Got it. Cover the back of that in glue, stick onto the wall....just like a puzzle, really.

Ummm....doesn't fit like a glove. I managed to mangle the wall some, it is pushed out and no longer flat. Now how do I fix that!?!?

I'm currently waiting for the glue to dry. I might try to put a cloth up against the wall and hammer the bulge back in. We'll see how it goes.

Jen has not yet arrived back from her parents. But when she does get it, I think I'll suggest she hang a picture there. Sans the butterfly anchor.

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