Monday, October 22, 2007

It's Monday

Ms. Claassen,

It's Monday. I'm sitting at my laptop stumped of what to blog about. Trying to think of something funny for your benefit....

I have not put any new holes in the walls (well, not any serious ones) nor have I spilt any grainy substance all over the floor lately. (Please note, that I am still sweeping up the damn rice.)

Let's see.......

I went home for the weekend, to take care of my stepdad, as my mom had to go away, and he's just had shoulder surgery. I'm a good daughter. I decided to take advantage of being back home and catch up with some friends.

Saturday night found us at the local bar, drinking overpriced pints (HELLO!!! $6.50 for a bloody pint of Keith's!!! I don't even pay that in the city!!!) (Ranting is now done). Charlotte saw a couple guys she knows from Hamilton, and they joined our table. Chit chatting, joking, awkward know the regular kind of evening with people you don't know.

The Bruce was spruced for Halloween. Buddy in his white shirt decided it would be a good idea to steal some of the decorations. In particular, the mummy hanging from the ceiling. It's about as long as a foot. Maybe two. I don't know. But he shoved the mummy down his pants.

Enter the dirty joke.

"Wow, I was ready to call you daddy....but I guess now it's mummy..." I even winked when I said it.

He did not laugh.

Inappropriate joke, yes. Unexpected joke, yes. Funny joke, YES!!!!

Gah! Why are these people not laughing at my jokes these days???

I'd say I'm beginning to doubt my wit and humour, but honestly, I'm just doubting these people.

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