Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My friends are my friends because....

Lately, I've been thinking about my friends. How funny they are, how nice they are. How much I like them.

Here are just a few examples of why I like my friends.

:: Erin ::

Upon moving into a new apartment in London, Erin came over and got the grand tour. The closet in my bedroom was weird. It was deep, yet the floor of the closet only went back about a foot or two, then raised up to a crazy waist high platform that carried back a good three feet or so. We look at each other, and both say at the same time "Do you think there is a dead body in there?"

:: Jen ::

Just today, I was gushing to Jen that there was a devastatingly good looking man in our boardroom having a meeting with my boss. Her reply was "What are his shoes like?" A very important question in my books. Glad she's on the same page.

:: Chris ::

I left my office best friend Chris behind in London. In a recent email, he says:
"Are you still drinking like a fish or have you met that special man and looking forward to children now….lol." He knows me well.

:: Mary Jane ::

Well, there are too many funny things that MJ says and does. But to pick one out. We were out at a club drinking, and stumble upon a pair of boxers on the floor. We giggle some, and start to walk away, when a guy sitting on the nearby couch asks MJ to pass him his boxers. She looks at him, and with the straightest face, answers "Well, are they clean???"

:: Sophie ::

In my many emails with Sophie, now that she is living in Slovakia, you can imagine that we often say "I miss you!!!!" My favourite version of this was:
"HHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAI'm listening to "I've got friends in low places"....reminds me of you. omg, melissa i love you in a non sexual way. I'm so happy to have you :)"
I nearly peed my pants at my desk. Then I asked her if she had been drinking.

:: Charlotte ::

Well, she says things like "chuffed" and "trousers". And she does not have an English accent. I mean, how can you not smile when someone says "He was all chuffed up with himself over it"???? And because she was always an active participant in many crank calls to our friends (and several to her boyfriend).

I have many more moments I could share, but it could get a bit redundant.

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Stefanie said...

What a lovely idea. Sounds like you have some great friends.