Monday, October 15, 2007

Last week I....

1. ...Suffered from mis-matching my clothes and not really caring too much about it. Woops. Not very sleek or stylish in my new city flair. Sometimes I enjoy mis-matching though. It makes me feel cool and unique. I think I do it more often than I should.

2. ...Spilt rice all over the kitchen and dining room floor. I have inherited a giant bag of rice from my old roomie Erin. Seriously, five pounds of rice for me, that comes in a cloth zip up bag. I am coveting that rice bag right now and want it for my lunch bag, since I lost mine in the move. Thursday morning I made my move on the bag, which is currently sitting atop the dishes cupboard. I mounted myself on the stool, reached up, unzipped....and suddenly it was raining rice. Who knew the rice would not be in a secure plastic bag inside the cloth bag?? Not me.... I think my roomie is going to kick me out. First the hole in the wall, and now rice. I told her as I was cleaning up, "No remember, if you see something small and white, it's not a maggot..."

3. ...Was phone-flirted with at work on Friday. A supplier and I had set a meeting up for training on our internet site where suppliers submit pricing for approval. I had thought it was a telephone training session, he had thought it was an in-person training session. He called over in the morning to ask about parking, and a very flustered me said that we can do it on the phone, it will only take about 20 minutes or a half hour. He said he was going to be downtown for lunch anyways, so he can just pop around. Still flustered, I put him on hold to find out about the parking. There is none available. I reiterate to him that it's just as good on the phone, and then that way he's at his desk with his computer in front of him etc. He accede's to the phone training instead. We reschedule for Monday, to which I say I'm open all day, so whatever suits him is just fine. And he says..."I'm flexible. Well, not really my body. Just my schedule..." How could I not laugh at that?? Then he stumbles on his words and says that came out wrong, I carry on laughing and say that's ok, and then he starts laughing too. Phone-flirt?? I think so.


Anonymous said...

phone slut...guess who?!

Melissa said...

Let's see...who would call me a phone slut....either my roommate or my sister....and if it's my sister HOW DID YOU FIND MY BLOG!?!?! Jerk.